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April 6, 2014

Speaking to those still inside COBU clinging to the notion that they are doing God's will and that Stewart Traill is someone that should still be heeded as a "man of God" in the body of Christ, I would like to have you consider some simple tests. One of the many premises under which St operates, one of the lynch pins to his control over the few left in Cobu, is the idea that he is different from the ones he leads. He is unique, special. Somehow the rank and file must behave a certain way in order to achieve faithfulness and he, Stewart, is so above and beyond not only everyone in Cobu but extraordinary compared to all other Christians walking around today that he does not have to do what he teaches. For those outside cobu who remember, ST taught as though he himself was already the perfect model of whatever new rule or doctrine he was pushing.

I would like you to challenge this thinking. Does it make sense, is it biblical for a teacher to preach but not practice or preach as though he is practicing and yet show no supporting evidence or fruit or example? Jesus said the leaders of the gentiles lord it over the ones they lead but Christian leadership is one of slave of all, last of all, servant of all. A simple test for ST is this: Is he acting like a gentile leader or a Christ-like leader? Or is he being like Jesus in leadership or is he being a pharisee? And a special test just for cult leaders like ST or David Berg of the Cog: Are you being some old testament prophet/holy man incarnation or are you being a New Testament bishop, pastor, teacher? ST has billed himself from the beginning the FF as being able to discern spirits, having true interpretation, "don't do what I do because you don't understand what I am doing" different, special, unique kind of guy. That's okay if you don't mind ST identifying himself by his own mind and not according to scripture. Look how it's worked for him. He lives well while his followers maintain a basic life for 35 years. He eats what he wants, has a car, has a plane maybe 2, lives in a big house and as long as he can explain everything according to the "I'm different" doctrine, his followers buy it, literally.

Here is a scripture that I thought would be a good test for a couple of reasons.

James 5:16 - Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.

Very simple to understand, hard to do but doable. Think about this. Would James write to the Christians and tell them to do something that he himself was not doing and did not intend to do? Anyone of average intelligence would say to teach and not do is hypocrisy. Okay, We who were in cobu did confess our sins to another and we did pray for one another. No one would ever accuse any member of the FF or cobu of "holding back" when it came to spilling our guts to another to every last detail as per instructions. Now, can anyone recall a time when ST confessed his sins to us, to the brothers, to another pastor, to anyone and prayed with that person for healing? Sounds almost laughable and most likely the current members are laughing because their leader is, according to Tim McAndrews, a "man of God" and this scripture is really for the average rank and file young sheep, middle brother, O.B., you name it. WHERE DOES THIS THINKING COME FROM? You can find many scripture with which to test ST. Paul or Peter or John instructed Christians how to live, how to do the Christian life. Were they examples of what they taught or were they hypocrites? Okay now look at the last 40 years of ST. Did we ever see any evidence that he practiced the 6 steps of love? Where is his 3 fold cord? I won't even get into his current sin which alone disqualifies him from ministry. How is it that St is still allowed to utter a single word in the household of God after all that he has actually done and is doing right now? The only reason why ST is still in charge is that the current members keep him in charge. They have stopped putting Jesus first and the Word of God and now accept ST as the replacement for Jesus. It's not what they believe they are doing and it's not what they believe about the why or who. The current members have their actions, their fruit. ST has his own record, his fruit, the evidence of what he really is. Look up simple instruction for Christians in the New Testament and then ask yourself why we Christians tried to practice this and ST never showed any sign of doing the New Testament himself."

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