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EX-FF/COBU REUNION is August 9th, rain or shine, at Craigmeur Recreational Park in Rockaway NJ from 9am to 6pm. You can view the park here. Craigmeur Recreational Park Our permit allows for 200 people. Bring your own food, musical instruments etc. The pavilions are rented from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Questions?? re: the location and the objective of the picnic... the picnic is in a large park near Rockaway, NJ, which is midway through NJ just a couple of miles north of Interstate 80. I think there will be car pooling from different locations NYC, PA, OH, maybe we can help you find a ride if need be...we will certainly do what we can to coordinate rides for anyone. We are renting a large tent pavilion 200 feet by 40 feet with about 40 picnic tables able to hold 200 max limit people. Right now we have about 100 or so that are coming with many more maybes....the reason we are having the get together is so that we can rediscover lost friendships in a relaxed and loving environment. Many brothers and sisters are musicians and will be bringing instruments to play, if you are interested you can join in. Bob Nordin is in charge of the music and will be putting together a program if you are interested in playing, Bob will be putting together a program with different styles of music. Please if anyone wants to participate let Bob know and he will include you. this website has maps and directions to Craigmeur pk where the event is to take place Augst 9th, from 9-6 ............please friend me or message me Tom Eckert for more info.

TOM ECKERT - 610-390-2902 BOB NORDIN - 973-981-1181 ESP MUSICIANS & SINGERS


3 Witnesses

Here is the new piece. It's called "3 Witnesses" Inside you will find Darlene Dufton Griffith , Joe Griffo, and my take on the idea of "witnessing." There are also sound clips and part of a transcript of a meeting in 1974 where ST( very loving and Christ-like in 1974) explains how and why we, in the FF, witnessed the only right way.

"Adverse Effects of Communal Living"

A Strategy used to Control Members and Instill Elitism

By Darlene Dufton Griffith


What Were We Then? By Mike Montoya

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